Ways to Ensure You Get the Moments that Matter Most

August 10, 2022

Hiring a photographer to capture your wedding is no small thing. After all, this is an incredibly special day, a milestone day in your life, and one you want to remember forever. Because it’s not often that all your friends and family will gather together in a beautiful place. 

And when all is said and done, your photographs will be one of the only things you have left to remember your day by. This is why you must find a photographer who can capture the moments that matter most to you. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a wedding album full of images that don’t hold any meaning. 

In today’s post, I’d like to share some ways you can ensure you get those moments photographed so that you have a collection you’re proud to look back on and share. 

Envision What You Want For Your Wedding Day 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of wedding planning and not allow yourself to dream. But giving yourself the time and space to do so will make all the difference.

I think it’s important to sit down with your partner in the early stages and envision what you want for your day. You can’t do it over, so it’s essential that you have an idea of your wants and needs and be able to communicate those to your vendors.  

Fortunately, we work with amazing wedding planners who help their couples clarify their visions and then communicate them back to us. But even if you’re not working with a planner, we will work with you to find out what moments you want to capture the most. This leads us to the next point.

Communicate Your Vision to Your Photographer

Unlike some photographers who only speak with you briefly once you’ve booked and then show up on your wedding day, we spend time truly getting to know you. We want to know what aspects of your day are most important to you because everyone is different, and every wedding is different. 

What might be necessary to one couple might not be to another. For example, one of our brides might want us to focus on her family’s emotions during the ceremony, while another bride might want more images of them mingling with friends and family. 

Spend time thinking about the photographs you want most, whether it’s of your venue and portraits, more candid images, or a mix. 

Trust Your Photographer

Capturing special memories for you is an important part of my job as your photographer. This is why I not only focus on photographing what you want but also capturing what you don’t know you want or need. I’ll consider the unique angles and the in-between moments others may not think to capture. 

Bride Jessica told me that she and her grandma had a special relationship and that she wanted her grandmother included in meaningful moments. So I communicated that to our team and made sure we got those photographs.

We captured her helping Jessica into her dress, her expression when Jessica was finally ready to step into the church, and the special dance they shared. Jessica was so happy to have these moments documented.

These are the kinds of things we would always capture, even without being told. But this showed us that this was something Jessica truly wanted to remember, and we made sure to cover it in a memorable way.

Let your photographer know who and what is important to you, and trust them to deliver an heirloom collection that tells the full story of your day.

Hire a Wedding Photographer You Can Trust With Your Memories 

My big promise is to capture an heirloom-worthy collection of cherished memories and emotional moments you’ll love. And it’s a promise I don’t take lightly. 

Because I know how significant this day is and how even more significant the memories will be. You want to be able to look at your photographs and be immersed in the magic of the day. 

You need a photographer who will listen to what’s important to you and capture the meaningful moments. Contact me! I look forward to hearing about your big day.


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