A Weekend Spent in the Amalfi Coast

August 14, 2022

Travel Guide

This is your sign to book the trip! The Amalfi coast is a must see and the perfect weekend getaway. Although you could spend days on end exploring all of the surrounding towns – it’s also the perfect place to spend an adventurous weekend.

Depending on the time of year you travel, I would recommend that you rent a car. This allowed us to explore the surrounding towns on our own schedule. We trained in from Rome and were able to pick up our car at the train station. From there it is only about an hour and a half drive to reach Positano. 

If you’d prefer to not drive you can also reserve a private transfer, or arrive by ferry.

Where To Stay

Positano is the perfect home base. You have the ability to travel by boat to surrounding cities, taxi, or travel by car if you elect to rent one. The town is covered in pastel colors and exploding with blooms. Once you arrive in Positano I recommend parking your vehicle in one of the private garages. You can call to use the vehicle at any time and this saves you the struggle of finding parking on your own. You can walk the main road to get to town center, but there is also a hidden stair path that leads directly down to the beach. As for accommodations – you truly can’t go wrong. There are several hotels and private rentals surrounding the city.

What To Do

After getting checked in, head down the main road and stop in some of the local shops. Positano is famous for their linen shops and you’ll have no trouble seeing why. Each item is hand sewn and if you ask most store owners will give you a tour of their shop.

As you continue wandering the streets, keep heading towards the water. Once you arrive at the beach front – enjoy dinner at Chez Black. This family owned business started in 1949. You’ll likely see Mr Black enjoying an apple and greeting guests as they arrive. The pesto pasta was one of my favorite meals. 

The following morning head over to Posides Cafe. The french toast is heavenly, but the freshly made blood orange mimosas were the real show stopper. Posides is owned by two brothers –  Antoinaue + Ilario. The cafe has a full bar and is also a fun place to stop by in the evening for a night cap and some great conversation.

Spend the rest of the day either enjoying the beach or traveling by boat to Capri. If you decide to have a beach day in Positano follow the walkway on the right side – it leads you to a second hidden beach.

The next day request your car and drive the short distance to explore neighboring towns Amalfi + Ravello. The drive over has some of the most picturesque spots I’ve ever seen. Amalfi is filled with more local shops and restaurants. However, I recommend heading to Ravello first and enjoying lunch at Cumpa Cosimo. It is phenomenal. Mama’s is the oldest restaurant in Ravello. I can promise you won’t leave hungry. Mama will make sure you enjoyed everything you ordered and will keep bringing you out new dishes until you plead for relief. After you enjoy lunch check out Villa Cimbrone. Snag a day pass to walk through the gardens and take in the best views Ravello has to offer. 

This concludes your weekend getaway to the Amalfi Coast. If you have more time to explore I recommend having dinner at Villa Cimbrone while visiting the gardens, or getting drinks on there terrace of Hotel Belmond.

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