Why You Should Host a Full Wedding Weekend

May 12, 2022

Time flies when you’re having fun. And there’s no event quite like a wedding to prove this statement true. 

Twenty-four hours (and less than that, realistically) just doesn’t seem like enough time to have the best day of your life. And you have guests coming in from out of town to see you. So you want to ensure your wedding is worth the travel time and expense. 

Although you can’t add hours into a day, you can add days to your wedding. 

This is where a full wedding weekend comes in – it’s the perfect opportunity to turn a rushed few hours into a savored experience. And it’s especially ideal for destination weddings.

Keep reading to find out some top reasons why you should host a full wedding weekend.

You Get to Spend More Time With Your Guests

A traditional one-day wedding goes by oh-so quickly. From those first look moments to the sparkler exit, each minute flies by. And before you know it, the day you spent a year or more preparing for is gone in the blink of an eye. 

You’ll do your best to enjoy each and every moment. And you’ll try and give quality time and attention to your guests. But between getting ready, saying your I dos, taking photos, dining, and dancing – there won’t be much time left to relax and just be with your family and friends. 

However, a full wedding weekend gives you the beautiful gift of extra time. Instead of just a few hours at the reception, you’ll have a few days to meet and mingle with your guests – and your guests with each other. 

You, your friends, and your family can take in the moments much more deeply and relax into the celebration instead of rushing from point A to point B. 

More Time Means More Activities

The most common thing I hear from clients is that they want to fully enjoy the day and be present. And while this is possible with a one-day wedding, it can be a struggle. Everything goes by in such a blur because there’s so much to do and not so much time to do it in. It’s easy to feel rushed and like your mind is here, there, and everywhere. 

Having a full wedding weekend provides a much more immersive experience. Even if the first day goes by quickly, you’ll still have a couple more days to look forward to.

Not only are you able to spend time with your guests, but you’re also allowed extra time to do activities that speak to you on a more personal level. Think about things you love to do or would love to try and take advantage of the time you have to do those things.

Use your extra days to take a sailing excursion, explore the city, do wine tastings, hike a trail, or simply lounge by the pool and catch up with old friends. 

Whether you’re having a wedding close to home or tying the knot overseas, treat your wedding weekend as a getaway and truly unwind, celebrate, and immerse yourselves in the moments. 

More Photos of Fun Moments

Expanding your wedding into a full weekend also allows us more time for photos! What I love about this, in particular, is that we get to capture fun moments that aren’t so directed (like portraits and family formals). Think fly fishing with the groomsmen and yoga on the beach with the bridesmaids. 

Be sure to add in some activities you think guests will enjoy whenever you’re planning your wedding. Then, let yourselves be in those moments, knowing that I’ll be there capturing all the laughter, love, and joy. You never know when your friends and family will be celebrating like this together again, so embrace it! 

And not only will I be there to photograph the genuine connections and happy moments, but you and your loved ones will have more shared memories of a beautiful experience. 

More time to spend with guests, more time to fully enjoy activities, and more photos! What’s not to love about a full wedding weekend? I’d love to hear about yours! Contact me.


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