The Beauty of Film Photography

May 26, 2022

American photographer Aaron Siskind said, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.”

What a beautiful way of describing film photography. And while, yes, you could say this about photography in general, I think it particularly applies to film – at least in my eyes. Film captures everything in its most unique form. It’s one of the reasons I love it most. 

There are no filters, no adjustments. Just an honest, raw image burned (literally) into the film. You can almost feel the moment through the textures and coloring of each photo. 

Be still, my romantic heart!

Allow me to show you what film’s unique features are and why it makes a difference to you.

Film Captures Light & Color Naturally

Film is the truest form of an image because it’s able to retain all detail. This is possible because film captures light and color in a way that digital just isn’t able to. 

Digital photos are essentially tiny squares fitted together to create one big square. But film photos are a blending of color, texture, and light that create an in-depth look that’s more natural. Nothing is washed out or blurred. Details pop, and colors come alive. Even in the harsh sun, you can still see detail in the bride’s dress. And that glowing essence of light sprinkling through the trees can only truly be captured on film.

Film also allows me to achieve the light-filled, airy style thanks to its dynamic light and color range. Unlike digital cameras, film fills in shadow areas with details and balances out the highlights so that the image doesn’t become too bright and washed out. No editing necessary!

You Don’t Have to Worry About Your Skin Tone

You may have come across wedding photos where the people’s skin tones look a little off. They might be slightly orange or pale. Whatever the case, it doesn’t look natural, and you want to look natural on your wedding day! 

Fortunately, film will give you those creamy, soft skin tones you dream about. And it all goes back to film’s ability to balance color and light, which leads to an authentic representation of how you look.   

Film Provides an Elevated Experience  

There’s a common misconception that film photography is a slow process. So you may have concerns that you won’t be able to enjoy your day if taking photos takes too much time. 

In some regards, film is a slower process than digital. For example, it takes a bit more time to develop the photos and get them back to you. But the wait is well worth it because of the results.

But as far as taking up your precious day with photo taking – put that worry out of your mind. My 7+ years of photographing celebrations offer you an elevated experience. I start by making sure we have

a fine-tuned timeline in place. And I come prepared with three cameras pre-loaded and my second shooter. So there’s no time waiting around for us to load the film.

And you also won’t have a camera clicking in your face all day. Film only allows me a limited number of photographs, so I must be intentional with each press of the shutter button. When I’m photographing your wedding, I focus on what’s truly important and let the moments unfold naturally. 

You can enjoy your day with your loved ones knowing that I’m there capturing the celebration in its true-to-life form. And all of those special moments will become memories frozen on film. 

But can’t you just edit digital photographs to look like film? 

Yes, photographers try and replicate the film look, but it never quite hits the mark. Film presents itself in a way that makes you wonder if you’re looking at a photo or a painting. It’s truly unique.

I choose this medium because I feel it is the best choice for our couples. Our couples are looking for images that will stand the test of time. They want photos that capture their day exactly as it is. They care about true tones and seeing the details of the day. And film wedding photography is the best way to give this to them. If this resonates with you and you would like to have a collection of beautiful wedding photos you can cherish forever, please reach out.


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