5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Run Smoothly

December 12, 2022

If there’s any day you want to run as smoothly as possible, it’s your wedding day. It’s why we prep and plan all the details for at least a year. 

And for those of us helping couples with their event, we want nothing more than to see their day go off without a hitch. I know I personally want to create a seamless experience that allows my clients to be fully present on their wedding day.

To do that, I’ve developed a list of ways we can work together to make your wedding day run effortlessly – and ensure you get the photos you want!

1) Hire a Full-Service Wedding Planner

If you haven’t already thought about hiring a wedding planner, I recommend giving it serious consideration. Hiring a full-service planner is one of the best ways to ensure every detail is well taken care of before and during your big day. 

Having a planner helps your day run smoothly and efficiently because they anticipate things long in advance. They’re able to work out the logistics of things you might not think about, like how the tables are set up and if people can move around them easily. 

You shouldn’t have to worry if the linens are set correctly or if a beloved family member is where they need to be for a milestone moment. 

Come wedding day, your planner will already have everything in place and ensure things stay that way so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.   

2) Create a Custom Timeline

Another way to make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible is to create a custom timeline. Wedding-day timelines are a great way to ensure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. It organizes the day and keeps events on track. 

As your wedding photographer, I’ll work with your planner to create a timeline that allows you to enjoy your day without feeling rushed. And I’ll keep in close contact with your planner to finalize the timing and make certain everyone is on the same page.

Once the wedding day comes, all you’ll have to do is celebrate. From the moment you slip into your gown to the last twirl you take on the dance floor, you’ll be able to revel in the experience while I capture the authenticity of your day in beautiful detail.  

3) Prepare the Details

The more prepared we are on wedding day, the better. I like to arrive early to begin preparing the detail photos. This will give us more time to be creative without endangering the timeline.

If you know which items you’d like detailed shots of, it’s helpful to put them together so I can easily access and arrange them. If not, don’t worry. Enjoy your special moments, and I’ll lay out the lovely items I know you’ll cherish seeing in your photos. 

4) Have a First Look

First-look photos provide a sweet moment between you and your partner before the ceremony. And scheduling them into your morning gives you time to enjoy each other’s presence before the rush of the day begins. 

They’re also a great way to maximize your time throughout the day. Without a first look, most of your portraits will be taken during the cocktail hour. But with a first look, we can capture those images ahead of the ceremony, leaving more time to spend with guests without feeling rushed. 

5) Organize Family Formals

If you’ve read anything about family formals, you may feel nervous about that portion of the wedding day. There are many moving parts, and people aren’t always cooperative. But with an experienced photographer by your side, you can put those nerves to rest.

To ensure family formals run smoothly, I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire that helps us stay on track and make sure we don’t miss anyone. The form includes a detailed list of questions that organizes each family. It helps us learn names and ensures we understand family dynamics well.

The result is a list that guides us through formals in a stress-free way. And because we’ll have a solid timeline in place, we’ll know where everyone needs to be and by what time. 

*Bonus* Hire a Photographer Who Cares 

Hiring a wedding photographer who cares about your day as much as you do will make all the difference in how your day plays out.

I not only capture all of the special moments and details that surround you, but I make it a point to give you an exceptional experience you’ll enjoy – both before and during the celebration.

Because I’m invested in this time of your life, you’ll have beautiful memories of a day that felt like a dream. Let’s connect and put these tips into action.


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